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Friday, 05 June 2015 11:01

Eucaterine Diaz

Usually I am skeptical about the different situations in life, and writing reviews and testimonials is one of those situations that I like to stay away from. While working in the marketing environment, I came to the conclusion that so many reviews and or testimonials are not serious or admissible enough. Therefore, I decided to get involved and share with other about "UAC School of Global Management" and their contribution to the South Florida community.

I have known UAC for many years. I am part of the alumni community that graduated from Universidad Autonoma del Caribe in our main campus in Colombia. I completed my bachelor's degree in Business Administration in April 2004 in my hometown of Barranquilla, Colombia. By the time I came to the United States, I brought many dreams with me. One of my dreams was to work hard and continue to further my education to be able to help my family. Hard work and dedication have helped me achieve my goals, and my dream has come true. I am graduating this year and I can hardly believe it, but yes dreams come true when you work hard.

When Universidad Autonoma del Caribe opened a campus in Miami, Florida and started operations, I decided to go back to school. After 10 years from my graduation going back to school was a challenge. I decided to go forward, since I knew the outstanding quality of the programs the university is known for. This is not a small school, it has more than 15,000 students in different academic programs like Business Administration, Law School, Engineering, Communications and more than 40 years' operating in Colombia made me feel secure. I just knew that I was making the right decision for my future.

I must add that today my life is completely different. I feel more confident and secure. I can tell you, "I feel like a million bucks". I have gained knowledge, my English vocabulary has expanded and that puts me in a better position to escalate in my career ladder and aspire to better job opportunities.

I applaud and give thanks UAC School of Global Management for their outstanding academic programs and contribution to my professional development and to the Latino community here in South Florida.

Eucaterine Diaz
Master of Arts in Management
Class of 2015

Friday, 05 June 2015 11:00

UAC an Amazing Journey…

I stumbled across UAC School of Global Management one day, when I originally had plans to attend my Master's degree somewhere else. I have earned bachelor's degree in Business at FIU but coming to UAC was the best thing that I had ever done!

My experience at UAC has truly been an incredible one. The community within the school, made me feel like I was part of something greater than myself. I felt amazingly connected and belonged. The encouragement, the challenge, the remarkable instructors, the small class setting environment from a global perspective, the diversity of students from different industries was simply amazing.
Every single class, instructor and classmate has contributed to reinforce my education in the field of management practices. Not only have I learned valuable skills, but I have now a bigger picture of the corporate world. Finally, I can say UAC has sparked the fire within me and encouraged me to be the best I can be.

Andre Guy Farreau
Master of Arts in Management
Class of 2015

Friday, 05 June 2015 10:58

Professor Lascelle A. Sweetland

When I started teaching, I realized what drove me in my consulting practice also drove me in the classroom. Now, instead of educating clients about their business needs, I'm educating a whole new generation of future business leaders who will one day become entrepreneurs themselves. More than transmitting knowledge, teaching is about inspiring others to discover their purpose and potential. As a professor, I have the opportunity to impact the lives of students, and I take that role seriously. Each student enters the classroom with a unique and valuable set of life experiences, and my goal is to use engaging techniques to help students better understand the business methodologies that drive our economy. My passion for teaching is rooted in the belief that I am having a positive impact on my students.

Teaching requires openness to change. Therefore, I continually examine my teaching techniques and experiment with ways to become a more effective teacher by integrating technology, adapting practices to address the needs of an increasingly diverse student body, understanding different learning styles and incorporating various assessment strategies. I strive to create an active, collaborative learning environment in which all participants are both teachers and learners and where students can discover knowledge rather than be passive recipients.

UAC creates a great environment for critical thinking and the opportunity to understand business and marketing from a global perspective for the international student. Rather than teaching business and marketing simply as a collection of facts, names and theories, I strive to provide students with a set of principles to apply to their everyday experiences. By examining economies and cultures other than their own, students learn to examine and critically analyze their own entrepreneurial goals. My role, then, is to help students learn to address the complexities of business and marketing, carefully form opinions, and develop and analyze solutions to business problems. Education can be liberating if students master how to learn and how to think. Making that small contribution clearly defines my professional goals as a professor at UAC.

Prof. Lascelle Sweetland, MBA
UAC Miami Business Instructor

Friday, 05 June 2015 10:57

Laura Bonitto

I have been an instructor for UAC School of Global Management since September 2014 and I am passionate about, and committed to, providing the most rewarding educational experience for our students. I believe that when students feel valued, are encouraged and motivated to learn and they truly believe that teachers are willing to extend themselves, students will respond to the efforts that are being made, and success is the end result. I am committed to an interdisciplinary approach to teaching, and all of my courses are structured with this in mind. Rather than simply lecturing to a class. I strive to cultivate an interactive environment in which students can express themselves freely while learning to engage with the past in meaningful ways. I emphasize critical thinking and the need to consider business within its larger social, historical, and intellectual contexts.

Having been an adult learner, I have a deep understanding and appreciation of the issues that adult learners face. I am very sensitive to the challenges faced by the adult learner. I am committed to opportunities that promote the diverse learning styles of adult learners while promoting and encouraging curiosity, self-confidence, and self-expression in the students. Kouzes and Posner (2003) aptly state that "...more than anything, people want to follow leaders who are credible...that their word can be trusted, that they're personally passionate and enthusiastic about the work that they're doing, and that they have the knowledge and skill to lead." I could not agree more and I consider it an extraordinary privilege to contribute to the development of UAC's future powerful global leaders!

Dr. Laura Bonitto
UAC Miami Business Instructor