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Career Services

Student Services

Student Services maintains a proactive approach with our students' needs and requirements in consideration. Such initiatives include, but are not limited to:

Advise students on career development, job seeking skills and opportunities in order to effectively prepare them to obtain employment upon graduation.
Assists graduates in obtaining degree related employment after graduation by maintaining regular communication with students and providing them with resume assistance.
Developing long-term, working relationships with businesses and industries by responding to job opening requests. Some activities include sending appropriate resumes to employers, seeking any additional internship opportunities available to students, and maintaining a close relationship with employers to ensure that both the students and the employers are being matched with beneficial opportunities.
Develop and deliver various career services activities such as resume development and workshops.

Career Placement / Retention Rates

UAC has a strong commitment of promoting the development of future leaders with skills that distinguish them in the global markets. Through workshops and other activities of interest, students are exposed to choices that promote self-reflection and recognition of individual strengths.

UAC annually evaluates the retention and placement rates. The corresponding rates for the 2015-2016 period are as follows:

Retention Rate 88.0%

Placement Rate 60.0%

These are the self-reported data submitted to ACICS by the institution in its most recent Campus Accountability Report.