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Monday, 23 November 2015 17:47

Leadership and passion in UAC

UAC School of Global Management took great pleasure in welcoming International Coach Adriana Ricci, to give a presentation entitled 'Leadership and Passion' at our Doral campus on Saturday, November 7th, 2015.

Mrs. Ricci has extensive experience in the commercial and marketing areas with emphasis focused towards the outcome groups. She coaches, mentors, and motivates sales teams, high-pressured executives at multi-levels, using the business leadership model.

Adriana's coaching and motivational style of speaking ignites a fire within her audience and delivers an overwhelming response from them. This was evident at the presentation where UAC students were extremely motivated and participated throughout the presentation.

UAC's vision and mission of building future powerful leaders are in line with Mrs. Ricci's passion and UAC anticipates future beneficial collaborative efforts with her in February 2016.

Mrs. Ricci trains her clients in competitive speaking, developing strategies to open new markets, and management and development of networks market with products aimed at different socioeconomic classes.

She also participates in directing and training of groups of people with common objectives, aimed at achieving development of goals and targeting the Enabling Systems Transformation domains that were not possible before, passing the borders, building large structures and strong organizations.

Ms. Ricci's passion is to coach and empower leaders.

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