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On Wednesday, April 27th UAC School of Global Management welcomed Pillar Commercial Capital, Brant –It Media and Clean Start Credit Solutions at our campus.

The workshop and networking event was geared for new entrepreneurs and business owners. Over 25 leaders from the community attended. Topics included, what makes a new business or existing business bankable? Understanding business credit and personal credit and how to leverage your business credit to start your new business.

The event was well received. All parties agreed the workshop and seminar was a great success. Pillar Commercial and Brand-It Media will be back on campus in the month of May!

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On Saturday, April 02, Fabeam Co., a business located in the Miami area that provides a healthy and crispy snack for the whole family, hosted its 2nd Focus Group.

During this event the team of entrepreneurs made up of UAC School of Global Management's master students: Ana Salinas, Erika Martinez, Juliette Pena, and Karin Martinez presented the product and the objective of the focus group. Samples were offered and the attendees completed surveys which provided proof of concept and helped the entrepreneurs determine the value of the Fabeam snack. Mainly, this 2nd focus group was established to determine the size and style of the final packaging which allows the owners to further develop their product with the goal of bringing it to market.

The event brought together supporters, possible clients, organization funders and UAC staff for an exciting morning.

Fabeam is committed to increase nutrition awareness by providing a high-quality organic snack for all.

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Since the beginning of 2016, in UAC School of Global Management we started implementing an innovative strategy for proactive students which are interested in expanding knowledge obtained in conventional ways.

The SDW's (Saturday's Development Workshops) offer an extra learning space to our Associate, Bachelor and Master's - Saturday's students. During their normal study schedule, all the groups have a period of approx. an hour. This space, previously taken for their break, is now a scenario of continued education through workshops and seminars that can be taken optionally.

Through topics like 'Introduction to Neuro-coaching', given by the International Neurocoaching Association & European Leadership Center; 'Vision 2016. Think outside the Box' by Synergy del Caribe SAS; 'Effective time management for Leaders' by Rogerio Mesquita (Brazil); 'Financial Literacy' by Eduardo Torres & Jim Maalouf- Forester Financial, and others, almost 90% of our enrolled students have access to enjoyable and practical tips for daily life, for strengthening their leadership skills, and as an opportunity to share personal and professional growth experiences.

In groups of about 50 persons in total, the SDW's have as well the participation of alumni and general public who have new small and/or independent business ideas, or just want to take part of constant education environments and preserve or increase their entrepreneurial spirits at all times.


Be part of our SDW's at our upcoming workshops:

March 19, 2016
Financial Happiness
By Raymar Rodriguez
Author of "The Little Green Book of Financial Happiness"

April 2, 2016
Turn on your GPS
By Carlos Pina Grau
Author of "7 pillars of Success"

April 9, 2016
Strategic Leadership: Learning to become a Leader
By Irinya Villalba
From Re-design your life.

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