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Colombia is exporting education: Ramsés Vargas Lamadrid

Wednesday, 08 June 2016 18:44 Categoria: News
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This Tuesday, June 9th will be the official inauguration of UAC School of Global Management, strategic allied in the United States of the Universidad Autónoma del Caribe in Barranquilla, Colombia. Its objective is to offer double degree in the academic programs related to Business Administration, Business and International Finance and Industrial Engineering.

For Uniautonoma's President, Ramses Vargas Lamadrid, Colombia is exporting education and what comes out of our country to the United States is quality education.
"UAC School of Global Management is an accredited university that decided to re-localize in the city of Doral because defined that could generate a greater impact in this population segment, with the type of education it offers. We have clarity that: the American dream should be built over two pillars. Work and education. We can be the most worker persons in the world, the most honest ones, the most perseverant, but if we don't develop the abilities that are required, and what the work market demands, we could not be competitive", expressed Vargas Lamadrid who will precede the new campus's inauguration ceremony.

The President of the Universidad Autónoma explained that there are other differential aspects for students or for those people who aspire to study in the allied institution in Miami. The first of them is the intention to impact the environment of south Florida by offering quality, which is why the education is practically personalized, having in mind that there are no more than 15 students per class.

"We know the advantages that both worlds offer. We understand what is like to do businesses in the United States, but no one like us understand how to do business in Latin-American, which is where we come from. That's why persons that want to do business with Latin-American, finds in the UAC School of Global Management the perfect space to grow as a professional. Something additional, is that to many of the students that started their careers in Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, and eventually didn't finish it, were missing some credits, or made a bachelor career and want to make a Master, we give them the opportunity to homologate that previous education, and once its homologated, they can graduate in an American university such as UAC School of Global Management."

Besides offering three academic programs in the area of Business Administration in the levels of Associate, Bachelor and Master in Management, the UAC School of Global Management waits to soon receive the approval to offer a Master and a Doctorate in Business Administration, as well as two other undergraduate courses, one in information systems and other in early childhood education.

"One of the big issues that are presenting right now in the US are the debts of graduates. We offer scholarships to students so that they can study in our university, and how I expressed previously, for us, education is not a business", said Ramses Vargas Lamadrid.


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