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UAC School of Global Management presented Humanitarian Award

Wednesday, 24 February 2016 15:09 Categoria: News
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The past January 13th, the UAC School of Global Management presented a Humanitarian Award to the Costa Rican Ambassador to the United States, Mr. Roman Macaya and to the Costa Rican General Consul in Miami, Mr. Rodolfo Rodriguez.

This event in which participated other local authorities, elected officials, business, and education leaders had the objective of recognizing the outstanding humanitarian efforts of the People of Costa Rica in their assistance of the Cuban refugees, and to support and lend them a helping hand, presenting the operating # SOSCostaRica.

In Dr. Laura Bonitto-UAC's Dean of Academics speech she mentioned about UAC's mission, vision, and goals to build future global leaders; leaders who inspire, empower, are decisive decision-makers, courageous, and lead change.

"These leaders are concerned with promoting human welfare, and they have deep compassion to the plight of other human beings; they make decisions to help, uplift, and do whatever it takes to end any kind human suffering- - wherever it is located in the globe. That is what the goodwill ambassadors who comprise Costa Rica, as global leaders, have demonstrated."- Dr. Laura Bonitto.

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