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Being now in front of microphones has a great responsibility: Oscar Córdoba

Thursday, 19 November 2015 17:07 Categoria: News
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In a very friendly conversation with the Director of the Journalism program, Anuar Saad, and the sports Director of the dairy journal, El Heraldo, Rafael Castillo, the former football player shared with the assistants to the 7th Communications Week, experiences and anecdotes in the football fields around the world, but especially urban legends, generated by communication media.

"Communication media is an information vehicle and journalists are in charge of feeding some types of hates, loves passions, emotions, that can cause that human beings have situations like the one of 'Andrés Escobar'", explained Córdoba, who emphasized in the importance of journalists of the future to be responsible with the microphone when analyzing a football game, because beyond a sports professional there is a human being with a family.

"I think that is a lack of respect when a person, through a microphone, insults a player or a coach. A common person can be motivated to be violent with players in the first opportunity they have. Disqualifying a human being is the error, because journalist's job is to question the game", highlighted the ex-archer of Colombia's team.

When he remembered of Andres Escobar's auto-gol and his assassination, Córdoba reminded that the historical context was very complicated, surrounded of gamblers, drug- trafficking, but he reaffirmed that no one wants to go to a world cup to loose. "In South America we knew about our team, but we didn't know about the ones in Europe. We didn't have access to the amount of information as today."

The ex-champion of the 'Copa Libertadores de América´ ended his intervention saying that football is a tripod integrated by players, directives and journalists, were the journalists are fundamental actors of the company called football.

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