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"Caricatures, as journalism, have to be faithful to the truth": Matador.

Friday, 13 November 2015 18:36 Categoria: News
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In the second day of the 7th International Week of Communications, 'Journalism, Power and Transmedia', the agenda was closed by the caricaturist and critic, Julio César González, popularly known as 'Matador', with his presentation called: 'Caricatures, the other face of opinion'.

Matador shared his experiences as caricaturist in Colombia, where he has gained a great recognition for his critic work about many national interest topics, political news, drug legalization and diverse fields that generate great controversy in the country. He confessed that he grew watching 'Mafalda's' caricatures and 'Antonio Caballero', who are his principal referents for him.

'Julio González' explained, from his analysis after various years of experience in communication media, that "the caricature is not made by the caricaturist, but by the character starring the sketches". He sent a message to all the students of journalism in the auditorium where the academic event takes place, as a form of advice for their future. "To the ones present here, I can tell you that you will have a great work challenge, but you must not think that your future depends on a 'godfather' that helps you, beyong that, you must be really good in what you do and you will find great things. To be good you have to be very well informed, so you need to read.

In the discussion held with the Semana.com editor, Harold Abueta, and with the director of Communications of 'Universidad Autónoma del Caribe', Rodney Molina, González recounted the experience he had this year with the struggle for euthanasia to his father, who was ill with cancer, and how through his cartoons he criticized the position of the Nations Attorney, who opposed his father's request to die with dignity and by choice.

While showing his ability to draw cartoons in a short time, Matador remembered the audience that, as in journalism, caricature must always be truthful.

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