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‘The stolen river’ drove the attention of students in the 7th International Week of Communications

Tuesday, 17 November 2015 07:56 Categoria: News
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The crude reality of the Wayuú people in la Guajira, the top-most northern territory of Colombia which is known for its lack of water and malnutrition, came visible at the 7th International Week of Communications by the 'Universidad Autónoma del Caribe'. Guajira's reality was presented in the documentary "The Stolen River" by director/journalist Gonzalo Guillén (Colombian). Guillén explained that the film is a journalistic investigation about the extermination of the Wayuú indigenous people and it has become a key-piece in a case against Colombia, currently taking place and that is about to be sentenced, in the Inter-American Comission of Human Rights.

In the film, the journalist worked with several testimonies, from community leaders, doctors, a senator, advocates, even with the spokesman of the mining enterprise Cerrejón, appointed as the principal responsible for the deviation of the water from river 'Ranchería' to their mines, devastating the territory.

The story clearly explains how 30 years ago the river was stolen, and how it will continue this way since is the only source of water that can maintain a multinational company. The Wayuú leaders explain that the amount of death by malnutrition and dehydration reaches 6,000 victims, although in reality the number could be doubled. The biggest concern of the local community is that the 'Ranchería's' river channel dried when they made a damn. Three years have passed and water isn't flowing from Cerrejón to the sea, since the water passes through pipes directly to the mines meanwhile people are dying of thirst.

After the film's premiere, Gonzalo Guillén made a call to solidarity with the Wayuú people and alerted about the necessity that Colombia prioritizes water conservation before mining and oil exploitation. "Life is neglected in Guajira and Colombia. Mining has left poverty, violence and environmental pollution".
The situation shown of the 'Guajira' by Guillen's documentary film (and according to his conclusions) warns that with the royalties that the region has received in the last 20 years, they should enjoy life standards as in Europe, but they are really with African poverty levels.

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