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Our Master's- Managing Venture Capital class, under Dr. Lascelle Sweetland's leadership, is currently participating for an American Entrepreneurship Award (AEA).

During the past 27th of February, our students, conformed as a whole team, conducted products and packaging testing through the newly created 'iLab' at our UAC School of Global Management's campus as a base to develop and launch their product.

The American Entrepreneurship Award (AEA) offers the Bronx and Miami-Dade County-based entrepreneurs the chance to receive a share of up to $50,000 in prize funding to support their new business venture.

The finalists will be announced in May, and the winners will be declared on June 2016.

The competition, that has participation of other educational institutions  is sponsored by The Libra Group a privately-owned international business group that controls 30 subsidiaries active across six continents. It is primarily focused on five core sectors: shipping, aviation, real estate, hospitality and energy. Outside those areas there are selected 'diversified investments'. The Libra Group is wholly-owned by the Logothetis family.

The past 12th of February, the Hispanic community of South of Florida received at UAC School of Global Management's Campus the visit of Luis Alberto Ambroggio, recognized poet and writer, who presented his book "Hispanic United States"- 'Estados Unidos Hispano', which pays tribute to the contributions of Hispanic culture.

The poet, who has been cataloged as one of the greatest exponents of Hispanic literature in the United States, is President of the North American Language Academy (ANLE), in Washington D.C.

The event hosted by the Hispanic Heritage Literature Organization, the International-Hispanic Poet and Writer Association- Miami and the United Latin American Foundation, closed its agenda with a cocktail.


The past January 13th, the UAC School of Global Management presented a Humanitarian Award to the Costa Rican Ambassador to the United States, Mr. Roman Macaya and to the Costa Rican General Consul in Miami, Mr. Rodolfo Rodriguez.

This event in which participated other local authorities, elected officials, business, and education leaders had the objective of recognizing the outstanding humanitarian efforts of the People of Costa Rica in their assistance of the Cuban refugees, and to support and lend them a helping hand, presenting the operating # SOSCostaRica.

In Dr. Laura Bonitto-UAC's Dean of Academics speech she mentioned about UAC's mission, vision, and goals to build future global leaders; leaders who inspire, empower, are decisive decision-makers, courageous, and lead change.

"These leaders are concerned with promoting human welfare, and they have deep compassion to the plight of other human beings; they make decisions to help, uplift, and do whatever it takes to end any kind human suffering- - wherever it is located in the globe. That is what the goodwill ambassadors who comprise Costa Rica, as global leaders, have demonstrated."- Dr. Laura Bonitto.

Friday, 08 January 2016 11:58

Introduction to the 21st Century's Coaching


During the second week of November of 2015 we had another wonderful event presented by the International Association of Professional Coaches - AIDCP (http://aidcp.com). This time, the coaches Carlos Jaramillo and Martin Orozco spoke to the assistants about what business and life coaching is and how it works. Through a strategy of 7 steps they learned a simple process to get out of the comfort zone and how to achieve goals unleashing the power within them.

Coaching provides people and businesses with different techniques to facilitate empowerment. It is a practical process full of energy where creativity is used to inspire customers to reach their goals and dreams, removing obstacles and limiting beliefs while maximizing their potential through their own resources.

Tuesday, 05 January 2016 15:38

Coaching for Entrepreneurs 2015

In conjunction with the International Association of Professional Coaches - AIDCP (http://aidcp.com), UAC School of Global Management awarded certificates of participation to the attendees of the conference 'Coaching for Entrepreneurs 2015' that took place during the first week of November 2015. This conference was led by 4 international coaches who told us about four fundamental aspects in the development of businesses.

Martin Orozco, Head Coach of the AIDCP talked about the creative coaching: Neurolinguistics programming and effective communication techniques to apply in the relationship with employees. Alejandra Sánchez, Nutritional Coach talked about the importance of nutrition during the workday vs productivity and the business results. Carlos Jaramillo, Business Coach shared his experiences on the importance of customer service, and Adriana Ricci, Team Coach taught us how to potentiate the leadership skills to implement a style that identifies the team and the organization.

Attendees felt very identified with the subjects offered and at the end of the day they had the opportunity of presenting themselves and they shared information about their business projects.

Wednesday, 09 December 2015 16:49

Finance Day- Workshop

On December 5, 2015, UAC School of Global Management welcomed Mr. Oscar Machado, Regional Vice President of Primerica, to conduct a workshop entitled "Finance Day".

The faculty and students benefited greatly from Mr. Machado's workshop because he presented topics that are very important to everyone concerning money management. Specifically, topics included practical steps on how to "Learn the best ways to take control", "Pay yourself first", "Use time and consistency", and "Financial coaching".

Mr. Machado emphasized the importance of taking time to find out the best investment strategies to put in place to save money and manage personal accounts. He stressed the importance of long-range financial planning and how best to utilize time and consistency in that effort.

The audience was very engaged and interactive, and the workshop generated a myriad of questions from the audience. At the end of the presentation, Mr. Machado invited everyone to schedule one-on-one consultations for further assistance. Based on the high level of enthusiasm for the workshop, UAC will certainly be inviting Mr. Machado to conduct several more workshops in 2016.

Monday, 23 November 2015 17:47

Leadership and passion in UAC

UAC School of Global Management took great pleasure in welcoming International Coach Adriana Ricci, to give a presentation entitled 'Leadership and Passion' at our Doral campus on Saturday, November 7th, 2015.

Mrs. Ricci has extensive experience in the commercial and marketing areas with emphasis focused towards the outcome groups. She coaches, mentors, and motivates sales teams, high-pressured executives at multi-levels, using the business leadership model.

Adriana's coaching and motivational style of speaking ignites a fire within her audience and delivers an overwhelming response from them. This was evident at the presentation where UAC students were extremely motivated and participated throughout the presentation.

UAC's vision and mission of building future powerful leaders are in line with Mrs. Ricci's passion and UAC anticipates future beneficial collaborative efforts with her in February 2016.

Mrs. Ricci trains her clients in competitive speaking, developing strategies to open new markets, and management and development of networks market with products aimed at different socioeconomic classes.

She also participates in directing and training of groups of people with common objectives, aimed at achieving development of goals and targeting the Enabling Systems Transformation domains that were not possible before, passing the borders, building large structures and strong organizations.

Ms. Ricci's passion is to coach and empower leaders.

During the first week of November we had in our UAC School of Global Management, students from International Commerce and Logistic Program of 'Universidad Autónoma del Caribe' Barranquilla, Colombia. This as part of the Academic Missions provided by UAC Miami, in collaboration with UAC Barranquilla, aiming to introduce students to an international academic experience.

This mission called 'Formulation and evaluation of investment projects', consisted of 7 days that included tours in strategic city places, visit to banking companies, visit and tour in the new UAC installations, training and Leadership class given by Dr. Laura Bonitto, and others.

'Structure and management strategies for investment projects', given by teacher Lascelle Sweetland was the first class of the last day of the mission, followed by the class of 'Globalization, new technologies and communication, tools for engineers in the XXI century', given by the teacher Cesar Jaimes that wrapped up the academic day.

Other of the visits were to:

Mass Mutual, traditional investment enterprise, financial planning, life insurance plans and others, and a tour through its Coral Gables office, financial heart of Miami.

Makers: Shoes wholesale company, large importers and exporters, and Hispanic business leaders.

Miami Port Via Tunnel: Citi tour through recently built tunnel that connects under water with Miami Port, Cruises and cargo.

FPL-Fibernet: Leader enterprise, provider of internet services through optical fiber.

TWT: The Worldwide Trade, alternative investments. Scientific investigation enterprise that make commodities predictions through statistics and mathematic algorithms.

The Mexican journalist, Gerardo Albarrán talked about topics related to the growing wave of violence in the Aztec country, the innocuous role of the press in the evolutionary process of violence, the relationship of journalists with the large economic groups and political actors, and about the state, as a retarder of the democratization process.

As a starting point, the Mexican journalist contrasted the violent acts taking place in his country of origin, with the no less important episodes that in context of war and drug trafficking, end up configuring Colombia's history.

"Mexico has a press that lived giving its back to society, a press that does not write for the society, but who writes for the power. We have a corrupt press by nature," said Albarrán, assuring that in the Central American country for the vast majority of journalists" their business is writing for power "as a warranty to "keep having access to public resources through advertising and a series of Extra journalistic business".

The journalist recalled the case of the famous phrase: "I do not pay to be hit" when the then president of Mexico, Jose Lopez Portillo, attacked a national newspaper for having published a news denouncing irregularities in his administration.

In addition, he presented the case of the journalist Carmen Aristegui, of her journalistic team and the way they were fired from MVS News chain, which transmitted a radio program every morning, for exposing in May 2013, a series of photos, that published in the Spanish magazine Hola, showed the story of Angelica Rivera, wife of the president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, which made clear the details of their luxurious mansion worth about $ 7 million USD, that was known to belong to a major government contractor.

The case of the prominent journalist, according to Albarran, denotes "the vulnerability to political power, one that is crossed by the very vulnerability of the media and their owners, who surrender to power as a way of making money."

He said that it is not unusual that outside the media in Mexico, some decapitated corpses may be left with messages like: "what could happen to those who work there."

According to the journalist, historically, the Mexican government has been retarding the process of democratization of society, rather than boosting this process, in a political context in which the institutions do not function and were simultaneously "Nobody requires the Mexican government to resolve crimes committed against journalists ", by contrast the "corporate powers" prevail.

At the end of his presentation, he read the editorial of the Daily Newspaper of Juarez, a Mexican communication media in which the harsh circumstances in which journalism is exercised in that country is portrayed. Gerardo Albarrán concluded: "This happens in my country, where the maximum risk faced by a journalist, is to be alive."

With the Conference "Blog and social media are the future of journalism?", the Colombian journalist, Ignacio Greiffenstein, was present at the Seventh International Week of Communications, in which he explained the impact of the internet, new technologies and new platforms to issue information on the practice of journalism and the difference between traditional media and what we know today as cyber-media.

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