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Guatemala, 13 de septiembre de 2017. La Premio Nobel de la paz, Rigoberta Menchú, envió un mensaje de apoyo a la Universidad Autónoma del Caribe a propósito del paso del huracán Irma por el estado de la Florida.

La tragedia natural afectó a Miami y ciudades aledañas, dejando a miles de damnificados. En Doral queda la sede UAC School of Global Management, aliada de la Universidad Autónoma del Caribe.

En la misiva que envió la activista guatemalteca al rector Ramsés Vargas Lamadrid, expresa su conmoción por la catástrofe y muestra su solidaridad a todos los directivos y estudiantes de la Uniautónoma por este fenómeno.

La líder indígena expresó que sus pensamientos están con la institución. "Hago extensivo mi sentir para los estudiantes y sus familias de la universidad que funciona en Miami. Junto a mi esposo Ángel Canil Grave y mi hijo Mash Nawai Ja, hemos estado pensando en ustedes que viven en Miami".

La ganadora del premio Nobel de Paz en 1992 y premio Príncipe de Asturias de Cooperación Internacional en 1998 es investigadora internacional adscrita al Centro de Altos Estudios para la Paz de la Universidad Autónoma del Caribe.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016 15:34

UAC visits Pipeline Miami

UAC School of Global Management students were invited to the launch of the Pipeline Doral's Startup Series on July 28th to showcase their new 14,000-square-foot space facility, inside the Doral Concourse office building at 8400 NW 36th St. This space offers shared office spaces, private offices, common areas such as a café and living room, phone booths and small and large conference rooms. A unique feature is a music room curated with vinyl records and spin tables, so members can take a break and stimulate their mind with a selection of music from classics, to hip hop and electronic music.

Entrepreneurial co-working and shared office centers Pipeline's high-design collaborative workspaces cater to entrepreneurs, startups, professionals and international business executives.

The UAC students were exposed to networking opportunities with the startup ecosystem of Miami that included possible investments from attended venture capitalist, new product launches. Five companies were able to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges for a grant price of $10,000 worth of support series. The UAC students were able to experience first-hand what the Miami ecosystem has to offer them in the development of the venture creation process."

By Dr. Lascelle A. Sweetland, MS, MBA, Ed.D

This July 2016, the US Government approved our institution to emit the SEVIS I-20, necessary document to apply to the US student visa.

This is another important step for our institution's growth by having the approval of enrolling international students. For these international students of having the possibility of integrating with US students and obtaining their international titles. This I-20 document can be emitted for the Associate, Bachelor and Masters programs.

Before applying for a student's visa, every student bust be accepted by an approved institution. UAC will provide each applicant the necessary documentation they need in the student visa application process. The F-1 Visa is the most common student visa. If you want to study in the US, it is imperative to do it at an approved institution as the UAC School of Global Management.

The SEVIS is the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System which is an internet based system that provides tracking, monitoring and access to updated information about nonimmigrant students. SEVIS allows schools to provide I-20 forms as well as transmitting information through internet to the National Security Department, through the student's time in the US.

* Obama welcomed the education institution to the Florida State, the opening day of its campus in the city of Doral in Miami

This Thursday, June 9th from Washington-United States, and through a statement, the White House welcomed UAC School of Global Management and its President, Dr. Ramses Vargas Lamadrid, who arrived to the city of Doral in Florida, United States with a commitment to quality in the education sector.

The President of the United States, Barack Obama, in the letter, notes that UAC School of Global Management, is the only Colombian university accredited in the United States, to carry out their vision and mission, but above all, the commitment to citizens and residents of this country who want to grow themselves professionally.

Obama also supports and endorses the commitment of UAC School of Global Management, with a view to project the future of youth in the Americas.

This Tuesday, June 9th will be the official inauguration of UAC School of Global Management, strategic allied in the United States of the Universidad Autónoma del Caribe in Barranquilla, Colombia. Its objective is to offer double degree in the academic programs related to Business Administration, Business and International Finance and Industrial Engineering.

For Uniautonoma's President, Ramses Vargas Lamadrid, Colombia is exporting education and what comes out of our country to the United States is quality education.
"UAC School of Global Management is an accredited university that decided to re-localize in the city of Doral because defined that could generate a greater impact in this population segment, with the type of education it offers. We have clarity that: the American dream should be built over two pillars. Work and education. We can be the most worker persons in the world, the most honest ones, the most perseverant, but if we don't develop the abilities that are required, and what the work market demands, we could not be competitive", expressed Vargas Lamadrid who will precede the new campus's inauguration ceremony.

The President of the Universidad Autónoma explained that there are other differential aspects for students or for those people who aspire to study in the allied institution in Miami. The first of them is the intention to impact the environment of south Florida by offering quality, which is why the education is practically personalized, having in mind that there are no more than 15 students per class.

"We know the advantages that both worlds offer. We understand what is like to do businesses in the United States, but no one like us understand how to do business in Latin-American, which is where we come from. That's why persons that want to do business with Latin-American, finds in the UAC School of Global Management the perfect space to grow as a professional. Something additional, is that to many of the students that started their careers in Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, and eventually didn't finish it, were missing some credits, or made a bachelor career and want to make a Master, we give them the opportunity to homologate that previous education, and once its homologated, they can graduate in an American university such as UAC School of Global Management."

Besides offering three academic programs in the area of Business Administration in the levels of Associate, Bachelor and Master in Management, the UAC School of Global Management waits to soon receive the approval to offer a Master and a Doctorate in Business Administration, as well as two other undergraduate courses, one in information systems and other in early childhood education.

"One of the big issues that are presenting right now in the US are the debts of graduates. We offer scholarships to students so that they can study in our university, and how I expressed previously, for us, education is not a business", said Ramses Vargas Lamadrid.


UAC School of Global Management, strategic allied of the Universidad Autónoma del Caribe in Barranquilla, Colombia, inaugurates this June 9th its new campus in Doral, south of Florida.

Doral is located in the center of the Miami Dade County and is very near to the Broward country, a kilometer and a half form the Miami International Airport (number one in the international transport of products.)

The city is considered by BusinessWeek as the best city in Florida for the creation of business, and according to Forbes is the second best city of the United States to live in. Today it has the presence of 3,000 companies, mostly logistics, import and export of goods.

Thanks to the alliance between both institutions, the Universidad Autónoma del Caribe can offer double degree to the students in Barranquilla of the programs of: Business Administration, Business and Finance, and Industrial Engineering, and to their related programs.

To the inauguration ceremony will assist the United States congressmen Mario Díaz Balart and Carlos Curbelo; the Mayors Carlos Giménez and Luigi Boria; Donald Byrd, representative of the United States Southern Command; a delegate from the senators office, Marco Rubio, the General Consul from Colombia in Miami, Marta Lucía Jaramillo Martínez, and Peru´s General Consul, Cesar Bustamante.

During the past Sunday 19 students from the last semesters of different programs of the Universidad Autónoma del Caribe in Barranquilla traveled to United States in an academic mission that has the objective to introduce the students in an international academic experience. This mission called "Entrepreneurship and Innovation" takes place in Miami with the collaboration of the UAC School of Global Management, strategic ally of the Universidad Autónoma del Caribe.

This mission that includes tours through representative city places, visit to colleges, local companies, real estate companies, and others, has also the participation of a first semester student from our Master of Arts in Management program.

This Tuesday the group of students were received by UAC School of Global Management's staff, with a guided tour through campus and orientation by the Marketing and Admissions Coordinator, Jairo Cruz; as well as a welcome speech from the Admissions Director, Rob Caruso and the Dean of Academics, Dr. Laura Bonitto.

The first session of entrepreneurship and innovation in charge of Dr. Lascelle Sweetland was about the 'Business Canvas' model. This model is a strategic management template for the development of new forms of business or in order to document existing ones. It is a visual graphic element that describes the proposed product or company value.

Other of the visits that took place was to the 'Idea Center' building inside the campus of the Miami-Dade College in Downtown Miami. There they continued with the 'Business Canvas' models and practiced 'elevator pitch' exercises with their own business ideas; as well as they boarded digital marketing strategies.

The Missions itinerary also includes visits to the companies: Sofgen, LabMiami, SBA and TWT.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016 10:05

Capstone Project: Hydrocton

On Saturday April 30, the class of 2016, of the Master or Arts in Management presented their Capstone Project. The project was an intensive, active, learning process that required significant effort in planning and implementation. It was a great achievement for the entire team. The project was the result of 4 semesters of continuous commitment and dedication to learning new management strategies and developing leadership strategies. It was a challenge due to the diversity of the students that converged together to produce one grand concept titled "Being a comprehensive professional".

Undoubtedly the initial challenge was finding a synergy among the various professions - dentists, lawyers, accountants and engineers, in the classroom. The combination of unique experiences amongst this group of professionals is evident in their Capstone Project.

The Capstone Project is the epitome of a host of information obtained during the course of attaining their Masters degrees. The prospect of learning was always present and they welcomed the challenge of the unknown. Selecting a product that was new to all of the students represented a double challenge "to apply what they've learned and to understand the product," explained as follows:

We approached a small company with two owners and offered to create a business strategy that would encompass how to address the domestic market (US) and the international market (Colombia). We created an employee handbook for the company that listed all procedures to be followed for human resources, industrial safety, financial reports, statistics and marketing. During the last 4 months we focused on analyzing all aspects of the company in order to gain knowledge of and understand a product called Hydrocton. Maria Isabel Barboza, Class of 2016, Master of Arts in Management.

Hydrocton is a system of cells that produce hydrogen during the electrolysis of water, thereby separating molecules into two components - hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen gas enriches the air entering into the engine, making it more efficient by increasing the combustion and eliminating almost 100% of carbon emissions. This results in an increased engine efficiency by decreasing the fuel consumption, increasing engine power and eliminating harmful environmental gases. This system proved to be effective in all types of engines including gasoline, diesel, natural gas, and ethanol.

Their next objective was to analyze the market and focus on those sales strategies that would produce higher gains in the short, medium and long term. Their diligence and knowledge resulted in an overwhelming success as the finished product garnered wide acceptance and praise. The product generated much curiosity enabling to gain potential buyers both locally and internationally.

Group Casptone Project would like to thank Professor Lascelle Sweetland for his dedication and commitment during the development of the project, demonstrating repeatedly that he is a consummate professional. They also would like to thank the staff at UAC-Miami for their unconditional support.


On Wednesday, April 27th UAC School of Global Management welcomed Pillar Commercial Capital, Brant –It Media and Clean Start Credit Solutions at our campus.

The workshop and networking event was geared for new entrepreneurs and business owners. Over 25 leaders from the community attended. Topics included, what makes a new business or existing business bankable? Understanding business credit and personal credit and how to leverage your business credit to start your new business.

The event was well received. All parties agreed the workshop and seminar was a great success. Pillar Commercial and Brand-It Media will be back on campus in the month of May!

Wednesday, 27 April 2016 16:06

"The Good Public Servant" book launch

The debut of "The Good Public Servant" by Colombian writer Jesus Quintero Neira took place at UAC School of Global Management in the city of Doral Florida on at the beginning of April The book launching was a huge success in large part due to Alba Lucia Velez, president of the United Latin American Foundation who was a sponsor of the event. Scholars, artists, writers, journalists and other esteemed guests gathered to hear excerpts from the highly lauded book . The evening began with a performance of both our National Anthem of Colombia and the United States Star Spangled Banner sung passionately by a student of the vocal academy COAH. Afterwards Maria Helena Ladaud, a prominent Venezuelan journalist and writer spoke to the group.

The presentation of the work was both philosophical and educational. One Chilean lawyer praised the work saying "this is a majestic book". Other notable guests included Manuel Zalba, president of the Latin American Youth Parliament and Luis Suarez, President of the Natural Museum of Science and History, who stated "it is with pleasure and pride that we welcome this great author today."

The author was introduced by Colombian writer and poet Pilar Vélez who received the International Latino Book Awards for her poetry collections Suns Tainted and Pas de Deux stories. He concluded the presentation with the following "the book gives us an idea of an attorneys life time experience and the positive impact he has made on the profession and society."

The final part of the evening was festive and lively with performances by the Cuban pianist Amaury Perdomo and music of Argentina led by the director of Radio Miami TV Augustine Rangugni. Colombian entrepreneurs and teachers Daniel Maldonado and his wife Dilia performed music from Colombia. The illustrious Maria Eugenia Jacome, who became an advocate to this cause, delighted us with her presence.

We would like to recognize and thank Alba Lucia Velez and the management and other members of the Foundation who helped make this evening possible. Special thanks to Laura Bonitto, Director of Academics, Rob Caruso Director of Admissions and Marketing Coordinator, Jairo Cruz of the Universidad Autonoma del Caribe based in Miami for bringing everyone together for this outstanding event.

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